about Me

My wife, Tatiana, and I have a son named Gabriel and a dog named Sasha. We are a Colombian-American family living in Austin, Texas, USA. About 25 years ago, I started to become an educator when I taught English to Spanish speakers in Colombia. Since then I've been an elementary lead teacher, elementary and middle school English language arts teacher, high school English as a second language teacher, technology integrator, design teacher, and technology coordinator. I've also worked in Venezuela and China. After 25+ years of experience in four countries, I have become a proponent of learning driven by personal interests and needs.

I believe learning happens best when it is deep, personal, and lifelong. To make this happen, I strive to create learning experiences that are driven by real-world problems, inquiry-based, hands-on, and iterative with technology-driven solutions. Teaching and learning with technology gives me hope, because I believe technology can make life better and tap into the future. Collaborating with talented people, both students and colleagues, inspires me, because I learn from the fresh perspectives and different approaches that others share. The one question that drives all of my work: Why does this matter?